Mister B EXTREME Lube Anal Relax 100ml

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Mister B WB EXTREME Lube Anal Relax 100ml

Due to popular demand, Mister B has taken his favourite water based lubricant Mister B LUBE and added a relaxing and desensitizing substance, thereby facilitating a pain free penetration. By adding Laureth-9 (which is the chemical equivalent of extract of cloves) to the LUBE-formula, Mister B LUBE Extreme is born.

The use of Mister B LUBE Extreme, because of its relaxing and desensitizing properties, will ensure that especially the first moment of initial penetration (eg with large toys) is easier to handle, less intense. Laureth-9, though desensitizing, isn’t a hard core anaesthetic which is good, because it still allows for enough feeling and sensation so you know what’s going on and can enjoy the wonderful feeling of being filled. Because of its properties, Mister B LUBE Extreme is also a wonderful all purpose lube if you’re prone to premature ejaculation or simply, if you like to go for a long time before you come, because it also works as delaying agent.

Mister B LUBE Extreme is a medical class  waterbased lubricant. Condom compatible, long lasting, oil and fat free and of course: silky soft and looooooong lasting. Not tested on animals and does not contain animal by products. Last but not least: dermatologically tested as fine.

The desensitizing agent in Mister B LUBE Extreme does not mix well with LUBE. Since they didn’t want to add a stabilizer: SO SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE TO MAXIMIZE EFFECT.

The Facts:

  •   Handy 100ml size
  •   Branded mister B product
  •   Premium water based lube with desensitizing agent
  •   Helps to ease the discomfort of anal sex
  •   Smooth, and long lasting
  •   Easy to clean  


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