COBECO Male BUTTER Heavy Duty Anal Lube 250ml

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Cobeco Tub MALE Thick Butter Lubricant Heavy Duty Anal Sex Lube 250ml 
The name "butter" says it all, this butter lubricant has the structure, 
thickness and smoothness as you may expect from a real "butter"
MALE Cobeco Butter Lubricant is an intimate lubricant with a unique butter soft and thick texture that ensures natural and long lasting pleasure. This intimate lubricant has a moisturizing effect. It gives more comfort during sexual activities and complements the natural body moisture, which makes the sexual intercourse more intense. The butter soft and thick texture from the MALE Cobeco Butter Lubricant does not get adsorbed by the skin, which creates a long-lasting pleasurable gliding and a silky feeling.
Specifically designed for Heavy Duty Anal play.

The Facts:
  •   Handy 250ml size
  •   Rich personal lubricant
  •   Smooth, creamy and long lasting butter lube
  •   Stays slicker for longer for long hard sessions
  •   Easy to clean with soap and water
  •   Ideal for heavy duty use, and use with toys


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