NEOPRENE Two-Toned Dog PUPPY Mask Red

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Neoprene Two-Toned Dog PUPPY Mask Red

NEOPRENE - DOG MASK PUPPY BLACK NEOPRENE Black neoprene puppy hood, or if you want to call it otherwise a dog mask from neoprene for puppy play. The dog head mask is soft and stretchable. No zippers or fuss with cords to fasten. You just pull it over your head and it sits. The head is made of black neoprene. You can remove the muzzle. Because of the snaps this is easy. Because the mask is made of neoprene it closes well around the head, without it feeling loose. It can withstand water and is easy to take on the road. The ears can be bent a little to indicate the mood. Because the muzzle is perforated. And it is open at the bottom, it is easy to breathe and can be worn for a long time. The puppy mask is very comfortable to wear. Another advantage of this mask is that you can let your tongue out. And the mouth is available without removing the muzzle. So you can get all kinds of rewards without having to take the muzzle off. This dog mask is so easy to clean, you can have your games as dirty as you like. Shouldn't be missing from the collection if you like puppy play. Come on! Find your bone... 

Please Note material is prone to creasing, Always store correctly with padding inside to maintain the masks shape, Please note any creasing will fade in time. 

One size fits most. Will fit most sized heads upto a circumference of 70cm 


  • Made from Soft Neoprene Material 
  • Two Toned In colour
  • Quality Stitching and finish 
  • Removable muzzle
  • Bendable Ears
  • Uni-Sex


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