MR FIST RIM Super Stretchy Ball Ring Black

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MR FIST RIM Super Stretchy Ball Ring Black

Designed for a tight fit on the scrotum or at the base of the penis, These ball rings are definitely one for your toolbox. Made from  flexible premium silicone blend material it's softer and stretchier than it looks, it gives to fit easily yet still remains strong. The different colours add a unique look to your manhood for when you want to try something different, Using a ball ring or a ball stretcher will give you a tugging sensation which helps you maintain and aid stimulation during sessions. 

The shape of these rings are perfect for useing on the scrotum, They are flexible yet strong. They are great for beginners who want to start to experiment with ball stretchers as these are 0.75 inch wide so they will not get uncomfortable to wear. 

These rings make a great accessory to go with your favorite cock ring, or you can wear it as a cock ring its upto you..

The Facts: 
  • Super Stretch thick jelly feel silicone ring
  • Soft to touch, Comfortable to wear
  • Specifically shapped to fit on the scrotum 
  • Very flexible 
  • Very Easy to fit
  • lube compatible
  • 0.75 inch wide
  • 1 inch inner Diameter
  • 0.25 inch thick
  • 1.5 inch total diameter

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