Alloy Metallic Cock Ring Height 15mm Ø40mm Blue

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Alloy Metallic Cock Ring Height 15mm Ø40mm Blue

Look the part and impress them with this wide 15mm metallic alloy metal cock ring available in BLUE. Just grab a little lube and slip your junk through one of these rings and your ready to go - its super lightweight so wont drag you down, and will hold you firm once your at your max size.

Designed to encircle the penis and scrotum this metallic alloy cock ring not only looks the part it comes in 3 sizes and is sure to push your junk outwards and upwards enhancing the look and size of your package whilst also helping and aiding in performance.

The Facts: 

  • Metallic cock ring
  • Lightweight Alloy metallic ring
  • Impressive look
  • Blue 40mm inner diameter
  • Smooth and Seamless
  • Wide 15mm Band 
  • 5mm Thick
  • Use with water based lubes 


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